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I hope you enjoyed visiting my website! You know…people find it hard to believe that demons exist and even harder to imagine that they could live inside us,
but I promise you, they are very real! They are what cause most sickness and disease and that’s due to living without regard for the commandments. The commandments keep us clean, healthy, protected and blessed. If you have any questions about what I have shared or you would like me to pray for you or someone you know I’m always available and constantly partake in spiritual warfare. Through sharing my experience, the mistakes I've made since, through sincere prayer and by calling upon the Messiah and His authority over these dark spirits, I've been humbled and guided to help a few people with their demons and it changed their lives, like it did for me in 2009. Please feel free to contact me on my email or my social media accounts at any time. Don’t let the darkness of this world make you bad…
              Don’t you know? You’re Precious!
                                                     Much love

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On the 29th of April in the year 2009
I was visited by the Messiah
in His spirit late at night
just as I was planning to kill myself
I felt these blissful energies
He appeared and ripped a serpent demon
out of my entire body..!
now I know it sounds insane
but I’m telling you the score
and since I only follow His words
I just can’t go to churches anymore
there are so many of them
still living in the dark ages
just where the Adversary wants them
in the division that it stages
the serpentsss are ssso clever
with the offspring that they sponsor
they mixed their seed with our ancestors
they’re so subtle but

They Made Monsters
for the Bible is an amazing book
I’m so blessed it fell into my hands
but there are many important words
and a test within that too many people
still do not care to understand…

Jesus' Words Only.pdf

Great website
that exposes
the false apostle
Saul aka Paul!