Scaringly Real Music..!

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Here’s a little story about transhumanism and technology being used as a tool to control and destroy the creation of the                                     Almighty YaHuWaH!
The descendants of Cain are working hard with their fallen angel masters behind the scenes to create a new race of slave humans…
                                          The Cybersapienz


                    About They Made Monsters
Now, if you're into music that is original makes you think, makes you feel, while expressing the light and dark sides of our incredible reality through real lyrics mixed with alternative audio and visuals…then you're in the right place! Enjoy yourself with these messages of truth, faith, hope and reflection that are borne out of the profound spiritual awakening I've experienced since being set free by our amazing Messiah in 2009. Since then I've been learning to follow Him back into the protective arms of our glorious Creator, our Father in the heavens, and out of the bondage of this world with all its deceptive belief systems. Here you will find music that is brutally honest along with interesting imagery that echo some of the most important prophetic messages in the phenomenal and set-apart scriptures...
                             That’s why it’s called
Scaringly Real Music..!

Further details of my Testimony can be found here

Extra Stuff!

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New Release - Cybersapienz